• Divinity original sin 2 shrine of xantezza pedestal

    Divinity original sin 2 shrine of xantezza pedestal

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    Speaking to an Imp Ghost, you discover there is a gem lying somewhere that may hold secrets. Will you be able to unlock them?

    Use Spirit Vision and speak with the imp ghost named "Knight of Xantezza" by the empty altar of Xantezza and ask what's wrong. You'll learn that an Imp Gem was stolen by the Black Ring. Go to an area at the south-eastern section of the map, at around co-ordinates X, Y This area is very close to the Lunar Gate Waypoint, just slightly westwards of it on the map. You will come to a talking ruby and two wolves as depicted by the picture below.

    Defeat the two wolves for XP each. Alternatively, you can speak to them and pass a speech check to make them stand down, but you will receive no XP whatsoever for doing so. Alternatively, if you killed the men who previously had the gem you can tell the dogs to go eat them for experience and no combat. If you give them a quest body part like Alexandar's Head or Shadow Prince's heart then you may not finish some other quests.

    Now talk to the ruby. For the first question, none of the answers will matter much. But for the next question, where the gem will ask you how many eyes there are, if you answer wrongly, it will turn into an inert state. It is imperative you reach the pocket plane, or else you will miss out on a lot of rewards.

    You will be continually slowed in this place, and to open the first door, you must press the 4 pressure plates as shown in the picture below. There are heavy metal crates that you can use to help you press all 4 pressure plates without the use of any party members, but you will need some strength to move them.

    Alternatively, you can also use teleport to teleport the crates around. Once the door is open, proceed. This section section is a little more tricky. Pressing the pressure plates in this area will unleash fire from the pipes, so do not press them. You can disarm the traps here, or just navigate around them.Home Discussioni Workshop Mercato Trasmissioni.

    Cambia la lingua. Visualizza il sito web per desktop. Installa Steam. Pagina del Negozio. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pagina del Negozio. Achievement globali. Hello, does anyone know how to activate the shrine? Theres some ancient device in front of it, and a few strange artefacts can be found in the chests, but theres no option to use them on the shrine, and combining them did nothing either.

    Stuck on main quest because of this part. Character comments on the shrine lacking something to work properly, but no quest pops up like it did with Amadia and Orc Guy shrine. Visualizzazione di 1 - 15 commenti su Reizo Starface Mostra il profilo Vedi la cronologia dei messaggi. Use spirit vision to get quest. Messaggio originale di Reizo :.

    Frostbeast Mostra il profilo Vedi la cronologia dei messaggi. Go to the shrine near the shadow Prince. From there u should see 2 wolfs and a big red juwel.

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    Get this thing. EDIT: Its near the blackring cave with the troll. You need to get up the rock.

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    Ultima modifica da Frostbeast ; 18 setore Messaggio originale di Frostbeast :. Its not at the shadw prince placce. Just port to the nearest shrin and you dont even have to move to see those 2 wolfes At least i could see them.

    Just 2 normal worgen wolfes. I repeat. Its not at the shadow prince place. Just teleport to the shrine waypoint near it. Dont know the name of it but i begins with R and it represents the humans. Teleport there. Dont move and look around. Or hell.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos.

    The quest related to this sub-area is Running like Clockworkcheck out the page to find a walkthrough regarding the said quest. The link for "Please see Walkthrough" at the top of this page leads to a different game's walkthrough. Put two characters on the pipes, one with teleport skill, then teleport one character into the orb chamber, touch orb, job done Sign In Help Sign Out. Toggle navigation. Search Results. Rewards for completing the quest related to this sub-area: 13,XP for each wolf killed, for a total of 27,XP for both wolves optional.

    Some notes for the related quest: The first 4 plates can be pressed with reinforced crates laying around.

    divinity original sin 2 shrine of xantezza pedestal

    Gas traps can be covered by lab equipment and stools, or simply disarmed. At the entrance waypoint shrinelook for the pipes. It can be very helpful to leave one NPC along with a teleporter pyramid permanently detached from the party on those pipes for a quick emergency escape.

    If you let the core explode, you forfeit the rewards though. This makes it very easy to shut it down. Join the page discussion Tired of anon posting? Submit Submit Close. Load more.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

    Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Kapnikaris View Profile View Posts.

    Up in the clouds Quest: Temple of Amadia (Divinity Original Sin 2)

    Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. Sacred View Profile View Posts. Talk to the npc that is there? Originally posted by Sacred :. Drakato View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Kapnikaris :. Zerohs View Profile View Posts.

    divinity original sin 2 shrine of xantezza pedestal

    Providenze View Profile View Posts. Well I destroy the artifact so I cant use it You need to interact with it with someone who has at least one source point.

    There are a few places to get source points but only a person with their collar removed can benefit from them, so you need either The One to have their collar removed by the smith in prison ghetto or you need to rescue Gareth and talk to the girl in the hideout. Roxley View Profile View Posts. As of the game going live: You have to bless the lever to enter the room with the shrine.

    You need to have your source filled when speaking to the shrine. There is a source bottle outside in the room with the lever you can use to fill up your parties source points.

    Get healed before you learn bless and all :D. You guys are silly.To start this quest you should talk to the spirit of Knight of Xantezza. We learned that the Imp Gem was taken by the Black Ring. Without the Gem, we cannot enter the Imp Temple. Knight of Xantezza The Nameless Isle.

    Dagger and Snout lvl 17 The Nameless Isle. Large Ruby The Nameless Isle. Impish Handbook The Nameless Isle. The Core The Nameless Isle. Kill Dagger and Snout lvl Pickup and use the Large Ruby.

    To remove this effect you need to reach and activate the Hyperdrive Protocol valve. It seems that this Pocket Realm is the Imp Temple. It appears to be abandoned, and time passes more slowly inside it. Take Impish Handbook from the Imp corpse and read it. Apparently we ought to deactivate the core of the Pocket Realm in the event of an emergency. The core is supposed to be very dangerous, and we should 'follow the pipes' in order to remain safe.

    Something happened to the core of the Imp Temple - it went out of control and killed all who were inside it. Note : You only have ONE combat turn to get to the core after it spots you, before it unleashes a deathfog that immediately kills the whole party, including undeads. The easiest way to deactivate the core is to use the pipes to get as near to the core as possible without being spotted.

    Wargs Kill Dagger and Snout lvl The Black Ring Wargs won't be an issue for us any longer. Used Gem Pickup and use the Large Ruby. We found an unusual talking gem. Core Info Something happened to the core of the Imp Temple - it went out of control and killed all who were inside it. Core Deactivated Note : You only have ONE combat turn to get to the core after it spots you, before it unleashes a deathfog that immediately kills the whole party, including undeads.

    We deactivated the core. End The core seems to be stable once more. Quest Reward. It seems that we will never uncover the mysteries of the Imp Temple.Below you will find some information about the points of interest located on The Nameless Isle map. Ancient Conductor Place a Phase Capacitor here. Emergency Flush Protocol Don't touch this!

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    It will activate a deathfog. Engraved Jewel. Essential Engineering It's in the corpse of the Knight of Xantezza. Hyperdrive Protocol It will grant Hasted to all party members. Related quests: Running like Clockwork. Shrine of Xantezza Pedestal. Starting point Related quests: The Nameless Isle. The Core Related quests: Running like Clockwork. Eternal Reflector 1 You can rotate it.

    Eternal Reflector 2. Eternal Reflector 3. Phase Capacitor In the corpse of Master Tremly. Phase Capacitor. Giant Thunder Rune. Large Venom Rune. Letter from Windigo Related quests: Mercy is Power.

    Eternal Stormblade Four guards will be activated when you take it. They drop Phase Capacitors. Fran the Bicorne Hat Related quests: Beast. Haft of the Swornbreaker It's in the chest.

    Chest is locked and you need the Key. Related quests: The Key to Freedom. Decrepit Altar. Impish Handbook It's in the corpse of Imp. Magister's Diary It's in the Purged Corpse. Related quests: The Nameless Isle.In this chapter you will find solution to all key puzzles that can be encountered while traveling through the Nameless Isle.

    When entering one of a few caves on Nameless Isle, you will encounter a wall that blocks progress. Interactions with the nearby altar won't help. The wall is an illusion and you can use two methods to remove it. You can place Alexandar's head on the altar or you can use Cowl of True Sight that can be received from Alexandar. There is the Dispel Illusion enchanted in the helmet and it will remove the illusory wall.

    You will get the head if - during the quest "The Sallow Man" - you decide to kill Alexandar. The helmet can be obtained during the quest "An Unlikely Patron", if you decide to help Alexandar and kill Sallow Man.

    It is worth adding that both quests exclude each other - you can't complete both. In the central point of Nameless Isle you will find an object called the Lunar Shrine. In the center of it there is an unusual pillar and around it there are small altars for all races of the game's world. Your task is to set the symbols above the altars in a correct way.

    divinity original sin 2 shrine of xantezza pedestal

    To do it, first you must discover which race favors moon symbols and which favors sun - you can do it by exploring the island and completing quests or by completing the quest An Unlikely Patron.

    Then you must walk towards the gate protected with a barrier and place the Phase Capacitor on the button with a lightning icon. You can get a few Phase Capacitors while exploring the map and completing quests.

    Then you must pull the lever. The barrier will disappear and you will be able to enter a new location - the Academy. During the final phase of your visit in Nameless Isle you will enter the Academy. The door to one of the rooms in the northeastern part will be closed. In order to open it you should separate all of your party members and then send them to the following places marked on the above pictures :. Once you reach the Academy, you will notice that the path to the quest objective is blocked by a force field.

    You will find three buttons-icons with a lightning drawing near the barrier. You must deliver electricity to these places. There are two ways to do it.

    First one, much less time consuming, is casting Rain spell on the lightning icons and then hitting them with Aerotheurge spell that causes Air damage. If you're not fast enough to activate all of them, cast Rain and repeat the attempt until all three objects are electrified. The second way requires you to visit all rooms in the Academy and collect 3 pieces of Phase Capacitors.

    Once you do it, go to the room that looks like a banquet room. There, on the ground, you will see a lightning symbol its location is shown on the above picture.

    divinity original sin 2 shrine of xantezza pedestal

    Throw one of the found items on it and wait for a reaction. Now you must follow the energy beam and move the objects called Eternal Reflectors in such a way that they no longer block the beam. Instead they must send it further.


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