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    If you buy Keka from the App Store you will be supporting development, the app is the same as the version from this website only updated through the App Store. If you don't like MAS or just want to play around with Keka but also like the project and want to give it some love, you can send a tip using PayPal. You do not even need to open Keka to compress a file, keep it in your dock and use it from there. Just drag and drop your files and folders to the Dock icon or the Keka window to create a slimmer version of them.

    Share safely just setting a password and creating highly encrypted files. Using AES encryption specification for your 7z files and Zip 2. Still too big If the files are really huge and they do not fit your mail or server, just split them into pieces.

    So simple, so strong You do not even need to open Keka to compress a file, keep it in your dock and use it from there. Privacy is very important Share safely just setting a password and creating highly encrypted files. Don't worry, they will still expand to produce your original file :.Keka is now faster, lighter and easier to use, providing consistent user experience across all the platforms.

    Everything still feels familiar, yet everything is different. What's new in Keka HR? Version 1. In ios13 the dark mode can be enabled based on the system settings like WhatsApp and GitHub do. Why don't you also make that. The app feels so smooth, from screen to screen. Easy to do apply leave, track attendance and remote clockin. And the dark theme by default is actual killer and to top it off with localization and themes.

    The app can be personalised to my liking. Looking forward to more new features. The new app looks good and is fast compared to the old app. Would like to see more and more functionality in the app. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled.

    Description Keka is now faster, lighter and easier to use, providing consistent user experience across all the platforms. Bug fixes and performance enhancements. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Provider Keka Inc. Size Category Business. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Languages English. Price Free. Fyle: Expense Reports.

    Happay Enterprise.Today, most companies across the globe are moving towards hiring remote workforce to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring the best talent.

    Attendance Management

    If your organization has been considering hiring a remote workforce for some time, here are some interesting statistics to look at. One of the main reasons for preferring remote job is taking regular care of children or a family member at home, as admitted by However, even with this staggering data, remote hiring is not meant for all companies neither remote working is for everybody.

    So how do you decide as an organization, if remote hiring is for you? Here are some pointers to help you make an informed decision. Hiring a remote workforce means your employees will save time on daily commute which means they can use the time to focus on their productivity.

    Hiring remote employees gives you direct financial benefits by minimizing your overhead costs, infrastructure, and logistics. As the demand for niche skills is increasing, remote hiring gives you access to a wider talent pool not limited by location. They can multitask, perform better, increase productivity, and in general perform better than their on-site peers. Since your employees get more flexibility and freedom at work, they tend to be happier and loyal. In short, talent retention becomes a breeze for you.

    Your decision to hire remote employees should be a well-thought-through one. To begin with, consider what your remote workforce can do for you that your on-site team is not able to achieve. For example, GitHub has developed a remote workforce that is high on emotional intelligence.

    This workforce can go out of their way to get things done.

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    They are also more willing to take chances. If you have a collaborative work culture where who is making a decision is not as important as getting the work done is, you can consider building a remote workforce like this. You can be a remote-first or remote-friendly company. Your employees work remotely by default. On the other hand, you can be a remote-friendly company that allows employees to work from home or any other location, occasionally.

    Or maybe the employees can have the freedom to come to the office as and when needed and work remotely otherwise. Clearly, it is evident that remote working is largely meant for jobs that can be done on computers or phones.

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    However, remote hiring is becoming prevalent in other industries too including healthcare, education, law, travel, etc. Roles that work great for remote hiring include — copywriters, designers, virtual assistants, regular team members like marketers, software developers, accountants, HR assistants, and so on.

    Look for candidates who are already used to remote working. People who have worked as freelancers or those who have worked with start-ups are already used to remote working. When you hire a remote worker, you promise to give the employee freedom of work and flexibility.

    Stay away from the idea of micromanaging, instead focus on results and sustained productivity. Make use of technology. Invest in online collaboration tools to help your remote workforce work together. For example, many remote working teams use Zoom for video conferencing, Trello for project management, Dropbox for file sharing, Slack for communicating, Keka HR for attendance management, etc.

    Setup guidelines of best practices with clear goals and objectives.

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    Encourage inclusivity and teamwork. Hiring a remote workforce and sustaining as a remote workforce requires lots of careful planning and process in place.

    Zapier has been encouraging remote working and remote hiring since She writes on different topics including HR, lifestyle, travel, parenting, digital marketing and mental health. Chayanika is a part of the WritelySo team where she writes engaging content for the readers. When not writing, Chayanika is usually exploring new places with her husband and daughter. Your email address will not be published.You seem to have CSS turned off.

    keka github

    Please don't fill out this field. Keka tries to be the easiest and quickest archiver for Mac. Keka Web Site. This is still very dangerous. When I use the 7z format I can encrypt the names though. I think it is not something related to Keka to encrypt the file names in zip format. That's why I will change my rating to 5 star. I enter the password, drag and drop the folder to Keka and it archives them, perfect right?

    None of them were password protected after all, I just realized it today by pure luck.

    Hiring Remote Workforce – Is it for You?

    I was testing one of my files and entered the password wrong and an unarchived folder still appeared. I clicked on it and the files were there! Isn't that supposed to be password protected? If it is going to unarchive the files even if I enter the password wrong it is ridiculous.

    keka github

    I uninstalled it right away. Works ok, but sorry I am going back to old archiver the reason: 5GB of.

    GPS Tracking – The New Answer to Professional Time Tracking

    Sorry I don't want to mess my HDD with the temp files this app creates! Keka is easy to use and it works perfectly. In my experience it is the best way to create Windows-compatible zip archives on the Mac.

    Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Oh no! Some styles failed to load. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Menu Help Create Join Login. Keka Brought to you by: aonez.

    As ofthis project can be found here. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form.My apologies for the Intel only 32 bits binary since 0.

    Changes in version 1. Added new format selector to the toolbar Added context menu services, with shortcuts Thanks for the tip, Ornataweaver Added XZ compression support Thanks to rarlab and to rpkoller for the tip 43 Updated the list of donators to the project, thanks to all!

    Enhanced tarball extraction to do it at once tar. X version number restriction in the App Store that breaks the current 0. Xthis version that must be 0.

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    Changes in version 0. This version has no improvements, just changes on the default options so it can be submitted to the App Store.

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    The new version will be 0. By now, Keka does not wait for Growl until a better fix is done. Need some feedback about this! TID Fixed Catalan localization Thanks to Albert P. You can change it in Preferences. I hear you Eirik ; Updated Unrar 3. You can chose it manually on preferences. No autoupdate will be available as this only afect to first time you use keka. Thanks to F.

    Now method is stored as a integer in preferences file for better localization support May lost your current default method Now gnutar used instead p7zip for tar, tgz and tbz file extraction due an error in p7zip that loses some permissions when extracting tar files. Thanks to esetleges for advice!

    Thanks to Lasse Kolb for advice Now using modified p7zip 9. TID My apologies for the Intel only 32 bits binary since 0. Christian Heutger request Bug corrected: showing file icon when compressing fails New option in main window to auto-delete original files after been compressed until exit Added an option in preferences to always auto-delete compressed files after been extracted.

    Thanks to alyshahb for feedback. TID Bug solved: with the custom folder selected in preferences, split files with the same name fails On files with password, the binary output of 7z now is handled by keka Some console messages deleted.

    Now just shows error messages and a few informative Updated Unrar from version 3.

    keka github

    Thanks to anonymous Changes in time counter.Create various shifts and weekly offs for different groups of employees along with holiday calendars. Keka gives employee their own beautiful perspective view of attendance which encourages punctuality.

    Keka is the only All-in-one extensive system in the world with biometric, GPS and Scheduling all included. Track overtime hours from devices and compensate for the overtime from fully integrated Payroll system.

    Enforce punctuality with auto attendance rules for late coming, short hours or missing attendance. Now we do not have to sit regularly to maintain an excel for the attendance or project management entries of all the employees, manually.

    And this is where Keka HR comes to rescue. Keka Attendance Management System does end-end automation of tracking, managing and scheduling employee hours and it does in a seamless manner with your existing bio-metric infrastructure. When your device is connected to your LAN, all you have to do is install our software and it automatically detects all time devices on your network and synchronizes the attendance data with Keka analytic servers. All this setup in matter of minutes!

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    Seamless Sync That Actually Works When you integrate your existing hardware with Keka Attendance Management software, you will realize instant benefits of a seamless integration in action. Keka Attendance System takes away all the pain associated with manual uploads or meddling with your attendance software, runs in the background silently, recovers and retrieves logs even after many days of network downtime.

    Keka Attendance Software proactively warns you when devices fail to record swipes or are recording incomplete swipes which is quite a common scenario.

    Lovina Shangpliang Sr. It is quite common for attendance device to abruptly disconnect from network for various reasons. Keka gracefully recovers all your past offline logs from the attendance device and restore synchronization. We have customers located in rural areas, hilly terrains and north east Indian states successfully using our software without issues. Sign up for a free trial today get started now. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site.

    More details Got It.Discover New Mac Apps. Sign in Create account. Back to Keka page Keka Reviews 1. Follow this app Developer website. ShotBlocker 14 April Most helpful. Keka works as advertised and has help and support pages on GitHub. A far better alternative to "The Unarchiver," especially since the latter has been turned into corporate crapware by shady publisher MacPaw, purveyor of the disreputable CleanMyMac X. Always happy to support quality vendors. How would you rate Keka app?

    Post review. Customer centric software, they reply and hear for improvement suggestions. This approach will make this tool the best one ever! Ok14me21 11 June Aargl 05 December Although I've been having Keka on my Mac for a few years now, I've only recently started to use it extensively when I've discovered the xz or txz format.

    I've not found another free app that deals with that format. If you don't know xz, try it and you might be amazed: I've been using 7z for nearly ten years and I thought it was the best option out there but xz can achieve half the size, and sometimes a tenth of the size of 7z on pdfs in particular!

    The only thing is that it's not predictable on disk images: sometimes you'll gain only Mb out of a 2 Gb dmg, sometimes 1 Gb depending on its content! Well, I'm supposed to make a review about Keka, but I only use it for xz, I can't say much more, it works perfectly! I'm in the process of converting all my old zip and 7s archives to xz, thanks to Keka. Max-G 19 July Excellent software that I also use to secure files that I backup in the cloud. Question to the developer: Would it be possible to mark files that are not yet completely compressed with '.

    Whe I compress a lot of files splitted at once, it is hard to see which ones can already be uploaded and which ones I still need so time. Derekcurrie 28 March It works with even more archive formats than are listed here, such as. ZAD archives. It's being constantly updated. It's easy to use and reliable. I use it more often than The Unarchiver.

    StuffIt is a distant memory. Awesome app. A must have tool. To support the dev, I bought it at the AppStore, although you can get it for free too. GeogProf 14 June Version 1. It fixes the problem with v.


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